What Our Customers Say

UCLA Bruin

When UCLA committed itself to creating the iconic Bruin monument, we couldn’t have asked for a better contractor/manager than Chuck Halnan. He understood the creative process and the budget process in equal measure, showing us how to produce a lasting work of art and pride while ensuring we’d get exactly what we envisioned—without enduring change orders or incurring added costs. I would recommend him and US Monuments Plus to any university, company, house of worship, corporate campus, military branch or family hoping to commemorate its heritage in a permanent, beautiful way.

Cary Ross

UCLA Alumni Association

Marine Firemen’s Union

The memorial is a beautiful and first-class monument that will serve to remind future generations that American seamen put their lives on the line in the defense of this great country.

Whitey Disley

President, Marine Firemen’s Union - San Francisco California

Spanish Landing Memorial

The arts are an integral part of the visitor experience around the San Diego Bay from contemporary sculptures to historical objects. The Gaspar de Portola Monument occupies a well-traveled pedestrian promenade in the Port of San Diego’s Spanish Landing Park where it is seen and visited by thousands every year. For those who stop to ponder, the bronze bas relief monument retells a pivotal  moment in San Diego’s history through using the arts to teach, inspire, and beautify the landscape.

Port of San Diego