How do I get a monument built and pay a fair price?

Monuments are the product of an artistic vison, skilled labor and high quality materials. We have existing relationships with artists and foundries and can assemble a team of these expert and accomplished professionals to transform your organization’s vision into a monument that will last for generations. USMP does the hard work of finding the right artist and foundry depending on the creative needs of each individual client.  Once we have selected the best artist and foundry,  USMP will work with the client through every step of the production process, which starts with sketches and is completed with the delivery and installation of the monument.

How much does a monument cost?

I discuss this on a video which you can watch here. Monument costs are driven by size, materials and complexity.  USMP works with you, our artists and our foundries to get a top quality monument at a  price that your organization can afford.  We take the mystery out of monument development and building so that our clients can afford and  get an artistic creation that honors their people, mascots and traditions for generations to come.

My organization does not have a lot of money but we do have a lot of members who would love a monument and what it represents. Can US Monuments Plus help?

USMP has a program where a monument can be paid for by selling miniature replicas to supporters, alumni and members of your organization or community.  This approach of shared financial support for a monument is a win-win for an organization and its members.  We call this program E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.

My organization has money for a monument but we need it within a year. How long will it take to build a nine-foot tall statue of a man standing in front of our city hall?

Once the client has approved the final drawing, or study,  of the statue, it should take from four to six months to complete a monument of this size.

I heard about the Ugly Lucy Statue, that was supposed to be of Lucille Ball, but instead it looked like something from The Walking Dead. How do I know that won’t happen to my organization?

I was hoping you would ask that question!  When you work with USMP, you are in control of the creative process.  We start with a concept sketch and go no further until that is approved. The next step is done by the sculptor, who creates a small version, or a maquette, of the monument and we go no further until that is approved by the client. The final step is the production of the full-sized monument in wax or clay.  Once the client approves the full-size wax or clay monument, that is when the foundry’s work begins and the completed bronze monument will be an exact replica of the clay or wax model.

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