Custom Designed Art To Honor Your People, Traditions And Mascots.

U.S. Monuments Plus (USMP) specializes in the artistic creation of magnificent monuments, statues, mascots, memorials, symbols, and smaller-scale relics and keepsakes.

Since its founding in 1984, USMP has designed, developed and delivered unique icons for prestigious academic institutions—including UCLA and UC Irvine—and has worked with corporate, military, government, law enforcement and nonprofit organizations.

Based in Sacramento, California, USMP can design and deliver monuments in a wide variety of materials, sizes, styles and prices. We can also work with our clients to develop a monumental work of art that can be financed by a series of Limited Edition miniature sculptures that will be sold to your members and supporters. Using this synergistic approach, everyone in your community can have a work of art that they will keep and enjoy forever.

News about US Monuments Plus

Chuck Halnan makes monumental decisions in his spare time

For much of the 35 years Chuck Halnan spent as a lobbyist, he had a side business. It was more than just an extended hobby — in fact, it was downright monumental.

In the mid-1980s, Halnan founded a company that’s come to be known as U.S. Monuments Plus. It and he were responsible for creating, among other iconic statues, the UCLA Bruin and the UC Irvine Anteater…

Excerpted from Ed Goldman’s April 13, 2019 column from Sacramento Business Journal.  Read the entire article on Sacramento Business Journal’s website.

Monuments Man

Even though Charles “Chuck” Halnan has been a successful self-employed California lobbyist for more than 30 years (his client list has included such all-star business names as Amazon), his most monumental achievement might be a side business he began in 1983.

U.S. Monuments Plus, which Halnan runs out of his office across from the State Capitol, creates statues and other sculpted tributes for institutions, individuals and companies. His most iconic monuments to date include UCLA’s The Bruin, a one-and-a-half-times-to-scale creation that Huffington Post recently rated No. 3 in its “most-loved statues” survey; UC Irvine’s Peter the Anteater statue; and a stone memorial at San Francisco’s Embarcadero honoring seven West Coast merchant seamen killed in the Vietnam War…

Excerpted from the June, 2018 issue of  Sacramento Magazine.  Read the entire article on Sacramento Magazine’s website.

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